Product Information

RPC Adsorption Plate

The main feature

Strong in a shock

Rigid,hard,and strong in a shock.

Sheet distortion

Very fine pore avoids sheet distortion.

Ceramic plate
  • Anti acid
  • Anti chemical solution
  • Anti wear
  • Light weight
  • Small heat expansion rate
Metal plate
  • Anti erosion
  • Strong in a heat
  • Conductve(ESD)
  • Very small pore
    (good to handle soft/thin material)
  • Strong in a shock


1.Vacuum chuck plate 2.Blowing nozzle 3.Others
  • Chuck table
    (dicing saw,semi-conductor machinery,inspection device)
  • Substrate
    (SMD,green ceramic sheet,screen print)
  • Vacuum tweezers
  • Bubbling
  • Air nozzle
  • Particle filter
  • Transfer tool

Types of RPC adsorption plate