Product Information

Product Information

Technology and readiness realize creative manufacturing
aimed at challenges which can only be resolved by READ.

The greatest benefit of READ’s products is their creativity. READ first started manufacturing diamond grinding stones for processing magnetic heads, which at that time was considered uncharted waters. Furthermore, READ currently exports technical ultra-precision processing capabilities to the global market.

READ always proposes custom-made solutions to our customers, while at the same time provides ideal fits corresponding to the needs of each customer. Our style remains unchanged since the company’s inauguration, and READ’s sales team is committed to consulting, product development, installations and after-sales services for resolving customer problems. READ’s policy is geared to customized manufacturing as well as providing first-rate quality service to every customer.

READ’s original quality control system meets world
cutting-edge market standards.

READ continuously manufactures products in order to obtain customer satisfaction through our quality control system. In addition, the company adheres to the needs of the world cutting-edge market by consistently using original technologies and developmental techniques. READ’s policy and customized manufacture platform provides superior quality to each customer. At READ, we never ignore quality control!

READ has established policy guidelines in order to realize high level quality control which is passed along to all workers. Furthermore, READ has also obtained an international standard, ISO9001:2000, for constructing a quality management system which is employed company-wide. Based on our motto “READ excellent in quality,” we continue to improve our quality on a daily basis.

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