Product Information

ROW Diamond Wire

The main feature

A high-speed cutting is possible

5-10 times faster slicing comparing to loose abrasive wire.(2-5 times faster than resin bonded wire)

possible to highly accurate process

Strong diamond wire that achieves accurate and precise slicing.

Uniting material

A metal bonding material does not limit coolant types.

abrasive coating centralized control

Diamond concentration is controllable.

Long life structure

High diamond exposure(50% up against our conventional type),Long tool life

Types of ROW Diamond Wire

  • ROW-100

  • ROW-125

  • ROW-145

  • ROW-160

  • ROW-245

Processing example

  Diameter(mm) Aveφ0.245 Aveφ0.245
ROW Type Diamond size #500 #500
Work Material Sapphire Alumina(99.9%)
Size(mm) φ2"x L100 φ2"x L200
Condition Wire speed(m/min) MAX600 MAX600
Work feed(mm/h) 24 15
Wire tension(N) 35 35
Coolant Water solubility oil Water solubility oil
Results Roughness Ra(µm) 0.17 0.15
Warp/SORI(µm) 19.3 12.7
Thickness TTV5(mm) 0.018 0.010
Thickness Ave.(mm) 0.753 0.751

φ2 Sappahire slicing parameters

φ2 Sapphire slicing results