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Formerly when Japan was referred to as technological oriented nation, Japanese technical capabilities in manufacturing were considered first-rate by global standards. Additionally, the “Made in Japan” symbol won the admiration of people from all over the world, and was regarded as a sign of high-quality and precision. However, Japan now faces global competition from foreign countries each showing marked progress in 21st Century technological development, which has resulted in Japan losing hold of its technological dominance. Nevertheless, READ believes Japanese technical capabilities which are supported by a proven history of excellence, will continue to display their merits in the future.

In 1973, READ established a start-up business in order to manufacture and sell diamond tools, as well as perform high-precision tool processing. Moreover, Japan was also experiencing stunning economic growth and the nation was quickly established as a technological oriented society. In line with this development, READ started manufacturing diamond grinding stones for processing magnetic heads, which at that time was considered uncharted waters. It was because of this vision and foresight that READ was able to stay ahead of the times and grow into the prosperous company it is today.

READ considers high-precision processing as a technological package which includes materials, processing and evaluations. Additionally, READ constantly manufactures original products consisting of new technologies based on accumulated technological acumen. Products by READ receive high approval not only in Japan, but also worldwide, thereby generating new possibilities and added value for the high-tech & pioneering industry.

READs’ products fall in line with the famed Japanese artisan craftsmanship often observed in this technological oriented nation and the human spirit to contribute to next generation’s dream, and our products can only be manufactured by skilled READ employees. READ pursues something only-one that only we can, and actually realizes it.

Company Motto -What Beholds the Future-

“What Beholds the Future?” Company Motto originated by the company founder Tadakatsu Nabeya revolves around vision, strategy, hope, dream and our pledge to achieve and realize this quest. READ continuously explores new fields and avenues through our spirit of challenge and achievement to the next stage. Likewise, READ considers looking ahead to the future as one of the cornerstones to company success.

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Company Principle -Reliance, Experience, Ability and Development-

READ subscribes to a company principle built around reliance, experience, ability and development - Our philosophy follows the tenet that reliance builds ties among people, experience creates new values, ability creates the potential for discovering unknown technologies, and development reforms a society. Our dreams as indicated by our corporate name ‘READ’ will continue to create innovations in the future.

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