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Following Company Concept “Contribute to next generation’s dream”

Over the millennia, humankind has consistently moved forward with aspirations for the better future. Technology has always grown and developed to respond to these aspirations. Since established in 1973, READ has consistently forged ahead in the development of new technologies for the ultra high-precision processing, standing firmly on our concept “Contribute to next generation’s dream”.

Today, IoT (Internet of Things) society with highly designed and equipped network has come based on sophisticated electronics technologies.
The innovation is constantly advancing, and technologies including information communication, AI, environment, medical care accomplish the rapid progress day by day.

In the industries of the future, which are becoming increasingly intellectually intensive, research and development on new materials, beginning with fine ceramics, and practical applications of these new materials, are achieving dramatic growth and development. Processing technologies for these new materials are urgently required to keep up with these developments.

Please keep your eyes on the power of READ that will contribute to next generation’s dream, future and society as a company challenging the creation of the only one products and the high value added products.

President & CEO READ Co., Ltd. Yosuke Nabeya

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