All directors and staffs of READ shall comply with laws, regulations, rules and social norms with the awareness of corporate social responsibility and public mission, and conduct sincerely in accordance with the behaviors of a sense of values and ethics. To this end, we have stipulated specific behavior guidelines in the READ Compliance Rule and the READ Compliance Manual, and familiarize them to the company.

Code of Conduct

  • READ will supply the safe and high-quality products and services.
  • READ will conduct fair and transparent business.
  • READ will secure safety and good health of employees.
  • READ will respect each employee’s personality and human rights and provide a healthful and comfortable working environment.
  • READ will oppose all antisocial forces and will not offer any benefit to any of them.
  • READ will conduct to preserve the environment.


READ has established a Compliance Committee, an advisory organization of a Board of Directors. We deliberate and decide the basic direction for revisions to the Compliance Rules and Compliance Manual, and the plan and implementation of its education to our employees.

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