Responsibility to Customers

READ believes that the supply of the high-quality products and services to Customers is the most important commitment for the corporate business.

Customer Satisfaction

READ established the Combined Environmental Policy & Quality Policy for providing the high quality products and services that satisfies our customers and obtains their trust.

The Combined Environmental Policy & Quality Policy are put up at our workplaces in order to remind the importance of quality to all our employees.

READ’s Niigata Plant, Sendai Plant, Development Laboratory, R2 Plant and R3 Plant have obtained certification under the international quality management standard ISO9001.

Combined Environmental Policy & Quality Policy

Basic Philosophy

READ firstly focuses on harmonizing and coexisting with the valuable global environment and promotes the sustainable development of our business with our concept “ Contribute to next generation’s dream “.

READ understands the customer needs, demands and requirements, and complies with laws and regulations.

READ continuously supplies the products and services that are trusted, loved and satisfied by our customers.


  • READ will improve our own technologies and know-how, such as our original development technologies, production technologies and quality control technologies, through fostering our human resources.
  • READ will create the products that satisfy our customers, and build, maintain the after-sales service structure and also improve it as necessary.
  • READ will regularly check the effectiveness of our environmental management system and quality management system, and conduct the improvement of the systems and the prevention of the pollution.
  • READ will contribute to realize the society that people can live healthy and peacefully through creating the quality to keep the safety of the life and the society, and to contribute to the preservation of the environment.
  • READ will comply with the environmental laws and regulations related to our business and other requirements agreed by our company, and respect the related social demands.
  • READ will increase the efficiency of energy and resources use at our plants, and reduce the consumption of energy and resources.
  • READ will put up the Environmental Policy and Quality Policy in order to remind their importance to all our employees, inform them to our suppliers and vendors, and obtain their cooperation as necessary.
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