R&D Center

R&D Center
Yu Onodera

READ is the company can build the “Win-Win-Win” relationship among the company, employees and customers.

I am in charge of developing diamond tools (Next generation tools) and buckle down to work for the new business.

I worked putting all my effort into developing and launching new products. As an engineer, I engaged in “Monozukuri” and I learned its essence and process. Although I ran into the wall many times, thanks to the cooperation of cross-departmental team and fruitful discussions, I could find solutions to problems. Since I and my colleagues have developed ourselves through friendly competition and overcame ups and downs together, we were greatly impressed when our product, which was perfectly cleared technical issue, finally came into the world. Through this experience, I could lean to be more patient and persistent to succeed in what I set out to do, no matter how difficult it is.

I feel “Responsibility of this job is grave but it is very rewarding.”

Since fascinating educational environment is offered, employees are able to get a wide range of skills and high expertise. The company also offers chance to practice what they learned and to build their career. Regardless of age or career, since all employees are fairly given a chance and support from the company, they are able to develop themselves through their work.

I believe in that READ is the company can build relationship of “Win-Win-Win” among the company, employee and customer.

R&D Center
Toshiki Otsuki

Not to give up even if I fail is the shortcut to success.

R&D center where I belong has a motto that is “There is no limit to what you can do in your job”. I think this motto means that we will never be content with current circumstance and will keep challenging new things.

I am responsible for cutting tools for ultra high-precision processing from structural design to making a mass production process go smoothly to meet a wide variety of customer’s demands, and I feel rewarding in that job.

Not only do we develop product ourselves, we have various developmental styles such as working with different industries or breaking in to new field.

As my part of job, I give customer a presentation regarding products which I designed and developed, and I work toward the launch of products with the customer. I always aim to do the best for the customer and earn high customer satisfaction. As an illustration, if the customer requires me to attend for the evaluation, I will be there regardless of whether it is in domestic or abroad. Additionally, I repeatedly conduct performance improvement test until customer will be satisfied.

So far I have a small handful of success in the launch of new products

Through the experience of many failures, I realized that never giving up is the quickest route to success. Even the product which is being launched out stably today, it did not suite to mass-production at first, but it was led to success and stable mass-production by repeating performance improvement test. Exactly, “There is no limit to what you can do in your job”.