Operations Dept.

Operations Dept. Sendai
Satomi Watanabe

I try my best to become the person I truly wish to be.

I am responsible for a general affairs and accounting in Sendai Plant. I feel challenging and rewarding since my job carries various responsibilities such as correspondence with customers, social insurance and payroll calculation.

Since READ offers a variety of training courses regarding improving job skills, employees can easily imagine what they should be 5, 10 years later. I am taking a bookkeeping course with colleagues who are willing to achieve our same goal, and I am honored that we can improve ourselves together through this course.

To achieve the ideal general affairs I aim for, I will support all employees to be able to work with the best working environment. And I want to be able to implement things with a broad vision and want to be able to act one step ahead.

Currently, we carry out an activity of “Working Mothers Project” which is comprised of female employees. This project aims for realizing ideal working conditions for female employees in pregnancy and after delivery.

To become the person I truly wish to be, I attempt challenging new things in keeping with the spirit of corporate motto “What Beholds the Future?”, and I intend to inherit the history of READ from forerunners.

Operations Dept.
Head Office
Asami Fukuda

I treasure the creed “being watchful, being attentive and being thoughtful”.

I am responsible for general affairs and secretarial work at head office. Although unpredictability work turns up occasionally, I spend exciting days with my superiors who can rely on.

Since I joined READ, I have learned how important to predict ahead on doing my job. If the plan of visitors or business trip is suddenly determined, I assume some of schedule patterns in advance and confirm them. It is important to keep checking whether there is another thing to be done or nothing is missed out. I feel challenging and rewarding in my job since various tasks turn up everyday besides my routine work.

Since I worked as an office administrator as well in my former company, I have creeds what I always bear it in mind. It is “being watchful, being attentive and being thoughtful”. For my colleague, superior and customer, I intend to stand in their shoes and support their work will go well. I think that READ is able to provide fully experience in accordance with the corporate motto “What Beholds the Future?”

Operations Dept. Niigata
Mayumi Kawasaki

I want to broaden my horizons more and keep stepping up.

I am responsible for a general affairs and accounting in Nigata plant. Payroll accounting, vouching and handling social insurance are my main work. In my first days at the company, I used to think that doing only what I was told was my job, however, I became to be able to think and act by myself to make a difference in my job. Now I really enjoy doing my job. At the beginning of a month, I check whether there will be something I have to take care of besides routine work. And every Monday, I make an arrangement of what I will do this week. In addition, I prioritize my work at the beginning of a day. Due to unpredictable work such as answering the phone, dealing with a visitor, and making procedure of social insurance, I have to change priorities sometimes. However, I became able to handle various changes and have room to breathe by predicting and perceiving things. I think the corporate motto “What Beholds the Future?” keeps my good intensions.

Our company actively supports employees to attempt to improve their qualification. I passed The Quality Management and Quality Control Examination (QC examination). It is not related to the job in General Department directly, however, I became to be able to make communication smoothly with another department such as manufacturing department and I could cultivate a better understanding through getting this certification.

Although there are still a lot of things to learn and know, I want to keep improving myself and broaden my horizons by being curious to anything.