Sales Dept.

Sendai sales branch
Tomoyuki Takazawa

Customers satisfaction is the biggest pleasure for the sales.

I am in charge of selling diamond tools for precision processing in Tohoku area. Originally, I joined the company as an operator in manufacturing department, after that, I was transferred to work in sales department. Working in a different field was challenging to me. However, this experience developed my perspective to see from both customer and factory side’s point of view. I am always attempting to place myself in customer position, today.

As a sales representative, I think the attractive point of sales job is that we can satisfy customers by solving challenging issues and problems which even competitor refuse to deal with. We always do our best to bring sufficient result by cooperating with R&D center and manufacturing department. I feel rewarding when I receive positive feed back from customer saying that they will prosper in business thanks to our performance.

The biggest fascination of READ is bond of solidarity that link three departments, Sales, R&D and Manufacturing. We face issues and problems together, discuss together and solve them together. This bond of solidarity enables quick solutions of customer issues.

I intend to buckle down to work in keeping with the spirit of corporate motto “What is the next innovation?” and I will be never content with my present situation to keep moving forward.