Diamond Wire Dept.

Diamond Wire Dept.
Takuya Misawa

Manufacturing based on Company Motto “Reliance, Experience, Ability and Development”

I am in charge of manufacturing Diamond Wire. High technological strength is required on manufacturing Diamond Wire due to its fine and thin. On the manufacturing process, I make an effort to enable stable supply and provision of the best quality facing trial and error.

I find challenging and rewarding in my job, when I attempt to find out how to reduce the time of maintenance and how to build more excellent workplace. In the manufacturing site, not only figuring out the trouble and failure instantly, but also taking action and solving problems is critical. READ has corporate atmosphere to solve problems together and discuss together what to do. I believe in that there is no limit to change for the better.

Although I am still young and there are still a lot of things to learn, I want to keep improving myself and further contribute to the company by involving manufacturing. I intend to improve skills as to be a leader other staff can rely on, and I will not stop challenging and growing. In addition, I will acquire ability to handle every situation and will build up technological skills. As my future goal, I hope to become a valuable person for the sake of READ.

Diamond Wire Dept.

akane saito

My Principle for growing myself further

I joined to READ Co., Ltd. in April 2015 and now I am in charge of manufacturing the

diamond wire products. The diamond wire is the steel wire which is thinner than human's hair. When I imagine that the diamond wire is shipped and used for domestic and foreign customers, I am so excited about that.

Before, I was concerned whether I could make the good quality products following the right procedure, because it was the first time that I was engaged in manufacturing. But thanks to the good teaching from the senior experienced staffs, I could do my job with confidence.

Through my 2-year experience, I believe it is important all staffs on the site think thoroughly to solve the various issues based on the Company Motto - What Beholds the Future -. While sometimes receiving the customers’ sharp evaluations, I try to respond their expectations through improving my work level day by day

Having an attitude “Quality First” and “No Defective Products”, I am doing my best for manufacturing well and growing myself further.

After the work, the staffs deepen the interaction and build a good relationship with each other by common hobbies such as motorcycle touring and fishing.