Product Information

Ultraprecise grinding tool

HAL-LP Plate

The main feature

  • Fixed whetstone Canada with super-minute whetstone
  • Neither the high processing speed, super flatness nor the slurry go out
  • The disadvantage of a past fixed whetstone is canceled by adopting a super-minute whetstone

Loose and Converntional fixed abrasive

Processing example

AlTiC row bar mirror finish

Process parameters
Plate diameter Ø280x66H
Plate rotation 30 r/min
lapping load 0.1Mpa(about 1kg/cm2) 0.1Mpa
lapping time 10min
work AITic(After grindeng SD8000 HAL)
Work size 70Lx1.2W 3 row bars
Work rotation 30 r/min
  x1,000 x5,000 surface roughness   
10min Ra:0.584 nm
P-V:2.709 nm
600min Ra:0.596 nm
P-V:3.023 nm


Process parameters
Plate diameter Ø100x40H
Plate rotation 80 r/min
lapping load 0.1Mpa 0.1Mpa
lapping time 15min
Work Glass(After WA #1,200 hand lapping)
Work size 25mmx25mm
Work rotation 30 r/min
Optical Microscope Before Lapping After Lapping
Surface roughness Ra:0.50μm Ra:0.010μm