Planting cherry-blossom trees (Thank you Cards of ”Sakura”)

We participated in cherry-blossom trees planting on February 1.
This tree planting is conducted by NPO Happy Road Net as "Fukushima Beach Highway / Sakura Project"
We have been cooperating since last year.
We have been implementing the "Thank You Card" action for a long time.
We use message cards to convey our feelings and improve communication between employees.
What is the relationship between thank-you cards and cherry-blossoms trees planting?
"Sakura Thank You Card" Cherry-blossoms petals are printed on the new message card in advance, and the recipient By sticking it, the dead tree will become a cherry-blossom tree in full bloom.

By connecting the cherry-blossoms that are in full bloom with each person’s gratitude to the planting of real cherry-blossom trees, we leave the gratitude as a form
It started with a desire to lead to the reconstruction of Tohoku.
The weather was fine on the day, though it was a bit chilly! I think it was easy to plant trees due to the warm winter.
Some of our employees participated with children and employees who participated from a distance.
In addition, since I was with a local Shinchi high school student, I was able to get a glimpse of the Restoration project in Many people came together.

The seedlings used this time seem to be of a large variety of Yae cherry-blossom trees varieties, and there seems to be some cherry-blossoms blooming this spring at the earliest.
I am looking forward to seeing the row of cherry-blossom trees seen from Shinchi Station in the near future.


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