Company Principle : Reliance, Experience, Ability and Development

From customers to the individual customer.
The one-on-one policy elicits the best
answers for different needs.

What is the customer thinking?

What does the customer need? Although the rapid development of information and communications technology has led to the systemization of a great deal of business, it is still the "people" that form the bonds between companies.
Since its establishment, READ has adopted a "one-on-one" policy for manufacturing, meaning all of its products are custom-made to order. We constantly meet with customers in the development process to create products best suited to the individual needs of each customer. In this regard, "a deep understanding of the customer" is important. By precisely understanding the customer's requirements and applications and carefully considering and processing that information, it is possible to create products that match the customer's needs.

We believe that working closely with the customer to provide ideal solutions is the first step in establishing a relationship of mutual trust.

Strong product power based on accumulated know-how. Expanding the business field with technological development focused on staying one step ahead.

Supported by the "experience" accumulated in the more than 40 years since the company was established, READ is the leading company of diamond tools in the ultra-high precision field. Wheels and blades incorporate a wealth of research and improvements made based on many years of experience, leading to unrivaled sharpness and remarkable processing precision. The tools play an essential role in a wide range of fields, including the gem, optic, furnace material, metal mold, industrial tool, automotive and electronics industries, as well as in the high-tech fields of aeronautics, space and atomic energy. Furthermore, by relying on its wealth of accumulated expertise, we are working to expand into the nanotechnology development field and producing the diamond wire.

With its motto of "Accumulated experience leads to foresight in technological development," READ will make further progress in research and development while continuing with efforts toward manufacturing with a global perspective.

Craftsmanship breathes life into products. Technology in step with the times creates new innovations.

High technology is constantly evolving. The mission of our engineers is to adapt quickly to keep up with the changing market and remain ahead of the game.

At READ, relying on our unique technological power and spirit of challenge, we have endeavored develop products in the field of ultra high-precision processing, developing completely new materials with a variety of superior characteristics, beginning with fine ceramics. For high-precision processing of new materials, the knowledge and instincts of engineers with many years of experience is essential, because there are many manual processes that machines cannot perform. Our products are born of craftsmanship. With a broad perspective that is sensitive to the changing times, READ is constantly on the cutting edge of innovation. It is the imagination and passion of our manufacturing that drives the creation of new technology.

Response power that takes makes full use of the scale advantage. READ's manufacturing is moving into uncharted territory of the next stage.

In present-day manufacturing, it is important to have the power to respond to every customer need, provide product quality and meet delivery deadlines, and offer quick response in after-sales service. Since engineers make up the bulk of READ's staff, we can consistently provide truly knowledgeable technical support at every stage, from development to after-sales service. Our activities as a whole have also received ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification. In addition to product quality control, we are pursuing environmental efforts, which are becoming ever-increasingly important. And now, by making full use of our scale advantage, our manufacturing is progressing to the next stage.

As an example, we are endeavoring to move into new fields with the collaboration of university research laboratories and various industries. Constantly on the cutting edge, READ will continue to contribute to society and industry by pushing forward with further research and development.

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