Company Motto : What Beholds the Future

Tireless challenges to the NEXT stage aimed at developing unexplored technologies

The company motto “What Beholds the Future?” consists of corporate visions, policies, aspirations, dreams and our resolutions for attaining them. Since READ was established, we have developed and manufactured ultra-precision processed products which were previously unknown in the global marketplace. In addition, we have launched its products worldwide to help support engineering innovation in global manufacturing. We have continuously produced cutting-edge products because each corporate member has a set of challenges to produce unprecedented products, while also developing new technologies. Our business activities have always been promoted by the spirit of challenge, and we are never content with the present, but foresee the next stage and pioneer into uncharted waters before the competition. READs challenges aimed at the “next stage” never come to an end.

A continuing source of manufacturing is the motivating factor behind READs staffs. Staying on top of CS and ES creates new concept values.

In any business field, improving Customer Satisfaction (CS) is considered a top priority in corporate challenges.

But READ considers that realizing CS supersedes Employee Satisfaction (ES). When production of new products and provision of services with higher added value will meet Customer Satisfaction (CS), CS is realized by not our company, but our employees. Each employee’s skill is the base for our growth and development.

READ is very active in improving ES by promoting the communication between our employees. We consider that Improvement in ES contributes to improvement in CS and generates the new values by spiraling up together. Therefore, each employee will work actively for the company and the society. Sharing a common vision and working together is the origin of READ’s manufacturing.

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